District News

Westwood Shores MUD Projects in Progress
Status Update: February 2, 2023


Project Name: Water Plant No. 1 – Aeration & Filter System and Related Improvements.
Contract Amount: $642,074.65
Funding Source: Bonds (TWDB – DWSRF 2020B)
Estimated Completion Date: March 31ˢᵗ.
• Testing of all 4 filters, surge tank, and holding tank is complete.
• Tasks that remain:
o Replace above ground plastic lines with ductile steel.
o Replace non-American made steel pipes, fittings and valves with American made materials.
o Paint vessels and pipes and valves
o Well 2 connection to aeration system
o Install power supply and MCC control to Well 2.
o Repair lines that were damaged due to freeze
o Install permanent chlorine feed line to GST fill line
o Install second set of chlorine scales and automatic transfer switches.
o Install LAS pump and connections.