Notice to a Purchaser of Real Property in a Water District

  1. Real Property located in Westwood Shores, Trinity, Texas
  2. $.6602 on each $100 of assessed valuation (to be voted on Sept 19, 2022, Board Meeting)
  3. Most recent projected rate of tax as of this date $.66
  4. Bonds issued and payable in whole or part from property taxes balance as of May 1, 2022, is $5,491,665.00.  Original bond costs: (a) 2020A, Wastewater, $1,560,000; (b) 2020B, Water, $1,400,000; (c) 2017B, $1,635,000, Refunded Bond; (d) 2010B, $1,825,000, Clean Water)
  5. Standby lot fees are $78.00 per year.
  6. The district is located in the City of Trinity