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Customer Information January 2023


Customer Update


Thanks to all who attended our regular meeting of the Westwood Shores MUD Board on January 17, 2023.  For those who were not able to attend, here are a few updates which may be of interest.


  • The Amended Rate Order, which was previously communicated, goes into effect on February 1, 2023. Your meter reading at the end of February will be based on the new rates and payable on March 20, 2023.
  • Work continues at Plant #1 (near the MUD office). This includes:
    • Replacing some plastic water pipes with steel pipes, painting of above ground pipe, addition of a well starter and fencing around both wells.
    • We are waiting on pricing to weatherize all above ground pipes and automated equipment (including the expanded chlorination system).
    • A final step in project completion is the delivery of the required American made parts; currently anticipated in mid-February.
    • Testing of Well #2 is expected to begin this week.
    • We are hopeful (but not certain) that Wells #1, #2 and the Plant will be operational at the end of March. This will allow us to consider lifting the current Drought Contingency Plan
  • Office staff have recently learned that during an upgrade of our website last year, the contractor did not bring across contact information from customers who have previously signed up for text alerts during system outages. This information has been restored and should allow text messaging in the event of MUD related emergency.
  • The next Regular Meeting of the MUD Board is planned for February 20, 2023, at 9:30am at the Westwood Shores Clubhouse. A formal notice of the meeting date, location and agenda will be circulated in February.  We are aware some customers would prefer our meetings to be in the evenings; we may consider this in the future when our agendas and meeting times become less lengthy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Kind Regards, Westwood Shores MUD