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Customer Notice December 21, 2023


Dear Westwood Shores MUD Customers:

On December 13th the District began operating Water Plant No. 1 (groundwater wells 1 & 2) as the primary source of water supply to the District.  Today, December 21, 2023, Water Plant No. 1 began having trouble maintaining water quality. Specifically, it is producing brown water.  Disinfectant levels remain within compliance limits and thus we don’t believe there is a safety concern.  However, brown water is very much a nuisance. To reduce brown water, the operator will be switching back to Water Plant No. 2 (TRW water supply) and shutting down Water Plant No. 1.  The District will continue using Water Plant No. 2 alone until the issue at Water Plant No. 1 is resolved. The estimated time to repair is unknown at this time.

Based on past experience in switching our water source, this action is expected to change the direction of the water flow in some pipes, which can stir up the existing sediment in the distribution system and as a result you may experience brown water.

A note about expected brown water:
As a proactive measure the last time we experienced brown water, the District performed a water quality study of the brown water and the results show that although the brown water is a major nuisance, it does not violate the public drinking water standards governing drinking water quality as regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”).  Certain naturally occurring minerals like iron and manganese are often contributors of brown water issues and both were present in the tested water. These elements can gradually accumulate in the distribution system and may not present themselves at the tap unless there is an abnormal disruption to the normal flow of water, like change in direction of flow in the pipe.

How to prepare:
It is recommended that you not wash white laundry during the transition period which could last several days.  You should monitor the quality of your water and call in any water quality issues to the District’s operator, Precision Utility at 281-456-9825.

The District’s operator will be actively flushing the system to minimize the amount of brown water in the system during the transition.

Thank you for your patience during this transition and for being a valued customer of Westwood Shores MUD. 

Other questions regarding this event may be directed to the district customer service email service@precisionutility.biz or by calling the District’s office at 281-456-9825.

Westwood Shores MUD/Precision Utility